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Case Study - Doncaster NHS Foundation Trust

With a site that’s spread over more than 93,000 square metres and with thousands of patients eagerly awaiting their calcium fix (or morning brew!), delivering hundreds of pints of milk throughout Doncaster Royal Infimary’s wards and canteens everyday was a huge task. The job of the unsung heroes of the hospital, the porters, who spent nearly all their working days on their feet, pushing or pulling an old trolley up to 15 miles every day through a myriad of hospital corridors.

Doncaster Foundation Trust contacted us and looked at several options before deciding to invest in a fleet of powered Go-Far Trolleys. Previously using old trolleys and roll cages to transport everything around the hospital,including all the milk, and between 90 and 130 trolley loads of other items being dispatched every day. With impractical weight in each load and uneven floors it was very hard work.

The Powered Go-Far trolleys were an obvious solution, they are highly manoeuvrable, simple to use, have a long battery life, include a full range of safety features and they take all the strain out of the job. As well as improving efficiency, there has also been a big reduction in breakages as a result of things not falling off trolleys which is down to the Go-Far’s low centre of gravity, generous platform size and secure sides.

We looked at a wide range of possible solutions but the Powered Go-Far trolleys were an obvious choice.

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